Indian and Western Pajamas

Pyjamas or jammies, sometimes shortened to PJ’s, jammie’s, or jim-pajamas, are numerous related styles of clothing originating in the northern part of the Indo-Portuguese world. In western cultures, pyjamas are usually warm, loosely-fitted garments derived directly from the Indian formal wear pyjamas, such as pajama lehenga, bikaner pyjama and sarees. In India, on the other hand, pyjamas have been worn by women since ancient times; in some parts of India, they are even a status symbol.

The original Indian style of wearing pj’s was more formal than the modern version. It was made of woolen material, which provided warmth but did not allow perspiration to show through. Thus, it was not only a protective garment but also a source of comfort. Traditionally, the pj’s were either long or short sleeved. Some modern versions can be worn with either pants or leggings. They are mostly made of cotton, wool, or rayon. Some use silk, while some go for Merino wool.

The traditional Indian style of wearing pj’s is incomplete without choli pyjamas (Indian term for pj’s). These were ao lot nu also quite popular in the past. The chorus, however, have changed in style since then. The Indian women wore their holes either all the way down the legs or half-way down the thighs; the shorter length was considered more suitable for everyday wear.

In Indian women’s style, the pyjamas also have their origin in the traditional salwar kameez, which is a loose dress that is worn over the entire body and has a loose-fitting blouse over the head. The pyjama, however, has an added feature – the skirt, which is either very short or quite long and is worn under a loose sari or churidar. Churidars are usually long and loose-fitting churidars, whereas saris are usually short and can be easily teamed with churidars. Indian men’s pj’s also come in various colors; black, blue, brown, red, white and green.

Some countries like India and Bangladesh still use the traditional jammies, which were originally developed in India. The modern version of it’s has had various modifications to keep pace with the modern world. Nowadays, it’s are made of nylon, cotton, nylon blended with wool, silk or satin.

Pajamas for women are quite different in countries like USA and Canada. American women usually wear pajamas that are comfortable, light and versatile. This means that these pajamas can be worn under other clothing such as skirts or even trousers; they can be used to wear with different types of lingerie and can be worn in both formal and informal occasions.

In addition to being available in different styles and colors, some of the most popular pajamas for women in Asia include the traditional Indian pajamas and western pajamas. The main differences between these two are the materials they are made from, and the use of colors. The traditional Indian pajamas are made from cotton, which is durable and can be washed easily and can be easily paired with most kinds of lingerie.

The western pajamas on the other hand, come in different colors and are created from more modern materials. They may also have a little more color than the traditional Indian ones, although their use of colors is not as extensive.

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