Nerja Apartments and Villas for Rent on the Costa Del Sol, Spain

There is a great choice of self-catering apartments and villas for rent in Nerja. Typically, one can rent straight from Owners or through a medium such as a letting agency. Some of the best locations in Nerja to rent apartments and villas are: Capistrano village, Burriana beach, Torrecilla beach and La Noria.

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Why rent an apartment or villa in Nerja?

Nerja is the most Eastern town of the Province of Malaga, almost bordering the Province of Granada, Spain. Due to its location it is a very versatile destination, the ski resort of Pradollano is only 2 hours away, and Malaga International Airport 1 hour away thuê biệt thự Vinhomes Riverside. There are various golf courses, commercial centres and historical monuments only a few minutes away by car.

Nerja is a tourist town on the Costa del Sol (“Coast of the Sun”), which has an official population of 22,000 residents, a third of which are foreign residents. Nerja is part of the local region of the Axarqu­a, which has lots of attractions, one of the most famous being the Nerja Caves and the paintings within, known internationally, which have an important historical value, and are an important historical reference point in the south of the Iberian peninsular.

Nerja is history: with the Balcan de Europa, an unforgettable place, which was inaugurated by the King Alfonso XII in 1885.

Nerja is nature: with the Natural Parks of the Sierra Tejeda, Alama and Almijara and the Natural Park of the Cliffs of Maro.

Nerja stands out for its subtropical climate very similar to that of the Coast of the Province of Granada.

Nerja´s gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean diet in which the produce of the sea plays a vital and truly delicious part.

Nerja has many restaurants, bars, pubs, discos. It offers a cultural and historical experience as well as numerous activities such as golf, diving, walking/trekking, horse riding, buggies/quad bikes and much more.

Located 7 kilometers north of Nerja lies the picturesque white village of Frigiliana. There is a vast array of idyllic apartments and villas for rent in Frigiliana. Situated in the Natural Park of the Sierras de Almijara, Tejeda and Alhama, Frigiliana is a an enchanting Andalucian village with a population of approximately 3,700 residents. Its old town, with its Moorish roots, is characterised by its white houses and an abundant decoration of flowers, particularly jasmine and geraniums. The village is 300 metres above sea level and the climate is subtropical.

Frigiliana is a hideway in which to lose oneself in the delights of its picturesque narrow streets. There are various monuments, amongst them el Ingenio (the refinery), built in Renaissance style in 1508. Nowadays el Ingenio houses the only cane honey factory in Europe. In the centre of the old village you will find the Renaissance style church of San Antonio de Padua, built in 1676. The Moorish part of the old town is considered by some as the most authentic architectural building of arab origin that exists in the province of Malaga.

Frigiliana offers wonderful food experiences, with typical dishes such as las migas, choto con almendras, berenjenas con miel, all watered down with the excellent local muscatel wines.

Located 10 kilometers west of Nerja you will find the coastal town or Torrox. There are two main areas, to the east and to the west of the Torrox Lighthouse. To the east one finds beaches such as Vilches, Calaceite o el Panecillo, which are quite isolated, of dark sand and not very busy, ideal for a stroll or to relax. To the west of the Lighthouse, we find the residential areas and the beaches of el Cenicero, Ferrara, el Morche with full services and family atmosphere, which are very busy in summer.

The Roman ruins, situated very near to Torrox Lighthouse, are a site corresponding to the roman occupation of the area known as Clavicum, founded in the 1st Century. There can be found the remains of a small town, a necropolis, hot springs, large stone sinks for the making of Garum, and communal ceramic ovens. Stone watchtowers, which date from the Muslim era, are found in el Panecillo and in the River Gai.

Torrox offers an excellent selection of restaurants, bars, pubs and cultural experiences. Torrox offers many activities such as golf, diving, walking/trekking, buggy/quad bikes. And, of course, in Torrox you will enjoy the “best climate of Europe”. Torrox has a good selection of apartments for rent that overlook the main sea-front promenade. You may, however, prefer to rent a villa in land with a private pool at very reasonable prices!

This part of the Costa Del Sol really can offer something for everyone! Be it the nightlife down on Nerja’s Tutti Frutti Plaza, or relaxing strolls in the scenic hills of Frigiliana! Whether you are looking to move to the area or to take that vacation of a lifetime, with For-Rent-Nerja, you can trust in the best service possible! Visit https://myhanoihome.com/

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