Forex Robot Reviews – Can You Trust Them to Give You an Unbiased Opinion?

I see Forex Robot reviews telling me how much money various Forex robots make but I know they don’t work and the person is simply selling the system for a few bucks rebate commission – so how do you tell the few that are genuine from the biased ones? Let’s take a look.

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It’s a fact that the cheap Forex robots sold for around a hundred dollars online and which promise triple digit gains with no drawdown – don’t work. These systems don’t have real track records, just simulations going backwards over past data and anyone can make money if they know where the prices went – they can just buy lows and sell highs but that’s not the real world of trading Money robot Review.

These Forex robots rely on greedy and naïve investors to buy them and to get the sales up even more they give rebate commissions to anyone who wants to try and sell the system for them.

This army of cheer leaders, write reviews telling you how wonderful the robot is and how much money it’s made them – but they have never traded it. There simply internet marketers, trying to make a few dollars and if the system worked as well as they claim, they would be to busy making money to bother writing about the system!

Unbiased Forex robot reviews are those from people who have no affiliate link to the system or are by independent ratings agencies, these will give you an honest review of the system, as they have no financial interest in it.

Be very wary of Forex robot reviews, always check to see if the reviewer is selling the system and if they are, treat anything they say with extreme caution!

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