What to Do After Buying Commercial Lawn Equipment for Sale for Your New Business

Starting your own lawn care business? It is important to find the right commercial lawn equipment for sale to start off. Once those purchases are complete, follow these tips to make sure your client has a pristine landscape.

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Keep it Dry

Grass is hard to mow when it is wet. It will clump easily and won’t eject from the chute properly. Be sure that the ground is dry enough to run your hands through it without transferring moisture. It is okay if the dirt is damp. Once the yard is dry, mow for a couple of stripes and take a fresh handful and drop it. If it falls in a lump without spreading apart, wait a few minutes before you put the blade to it.

Sharpen Blades and Clean Deck

To limit the need to look for more commercial lawn equipment for sale, you’ll have to practice valuable maintenance routines. Before the mowing season, be sure to take blades off the mower, inspect for any signs of wear like nicks and bends THC vapes for sale, and replace if necessary. If the blades look decent, sharpen them with a file or electric file. Be careful not to cut yourself as the blades are sharp. Make sure that there are no old clippings stuck to the side of the mower deck, as those clippings will take up space, limiting the chute capacity.

Lower and Raise the Deck When Mowing Over Uneven Terrain

With large tractors, the decks need to be raised because it is easy to scalp the yard. This will prevent the creation of rough spots where the blades go too low and damage the grass, or hit the dirt below the grass. As a rule of thumb, if the grass below the cut is yellow after you mow, you are mowing too short.

Check the Oil and Gas

Every other time before you fire up your mower, check the oil. Not checking the oil can result in severe engine trouble. So before you have to search for commercial lawn equipment for sale again, be sure you have the proper type of oil and gas in your tank. An E85 rating will work for low-end mowers though higher-end mowers will require mid or premium grade fuel.

Use Lawn Grade Tires

Grass that looks great has a texture to it and reflects light in different directions to enhance the striped or designed appearance. A simple trick to making beautiful textures is to use the proper type of tire that won’t damage or cause the grass to lay in the wrong direction. Use the simple trick of mowing back and forth and overlap the tire streaks.

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