Diabetes Symptoms Low Magnesium Levels Connected

In addition to other diabetes symptoms low magnesium levels have been noted in African Americans and Hispanic adults, two groups that have an increased risk for developing type II diabetes. Researchers have suggested that dietary supplements to prevent diabetes type II development should include magnesium. Here we look at the latest research.

Magnesium is one of the most abundant minerals found in the human body. It is required to perform over 300 different biochemical reactions and is important to the formation and maintenance of strong bones, normal muscle and nerve function, normal heart rhythms and a healthy immune system. Magnesium deficiency was first described in the early 1930s. Inadequate magnesium intake (less than 300-400 mg/day) has been associated with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high Reversirol blood pressure and other health problems.

Over the last year, much research has focused on the prevention of type two diabetes symptoms, low magnesium levels and the importance of supplements to prevent diabetes. The role of magnesium that is specifically related to diabetes is unclear, but according to recent studies of type two diabetes symptoms low magnesium levels may reduce insulin sensitivity in the cells.

Food of all types, not just sweet foods or carbohydrates are converted by the stomach into glucose, which the cells use for energy. Without glucose in the cells, people tire easily and the muscles and organs cannot function properly. Without insulin, the glucose is trapped in the blood stream and cannot enter the cells.

In response to increased blood glucose levels that follow a meal, increased insulin production should be seen. Researchers have measured blood levels of insulin, as well as blood glucose levels in non-diabetics after fasting, in order to establish a norm. Recently they have measured fasting levels of magnesium, as well, in an effort to design supplements to prevent diabetes type II.

In type I diabetes, people do not produce insulin and must inject insulin on a regular basis. In type II diabetes, a combination of insulin resistance or reduced insulin sensitivity and a reduction in insulin production causes higher concentration of glucose in the blood stream. Eventually, people with type II diabetes may also need insulin injections to deal with high blood glucose levels. Supplements to prevent diabetes type II should promote insulin production and secretion, as well as improve insulin sensitivity in the cells.

Insulin resistance or reduced insulin sensitivity simply means that the cells of the body do not recognize insulin as they should. Dietary supplements to prevent diabetes 2 should include magnesium, but also provide nutrients that support insulin production and improve insulin sensitivity.

To prevent the onset of type II diabetes symptoms low magnesium levels may need to be addressed early on in life, particularly if there is a family history of the condition. Recently certain genes have been identified that may help scientists identify those people who are at risk, but it will be many years before genetic testing is commonplace or able to make those predictions accurately. But, the research does support the long held belief that type II diabetes does “run in families”.

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