Raising Children Based on Their Blood Type

“Actually, there is no scientific research yet which proves the relationship between blood type and children personality,” says Tisna Chandra, M.Si, child psychologist and owner of Spectrum Treatment and Education Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia. But, some books mention that there is relationship between blood type and children characters and raising children. In Japan, personality analysis by blood type is known as Ketsuekigata, and becomes part of popular Japanese Culture. So, are you interested to know more what your children personality based on their blood type is and how you should raise them based on that? Let’s start with O and A blood types first.


Children with O blood type are energetic and full of emotions. They always need to use their excessive energy and emotion. They are also adaptive, optimistic, perfectionist, and can easily accept others’ opinions and very negotiable. Whatever we ask them to do, they will do it right away. They have a strong leadership quality and high creativity. One thing you must know from them is they don’t like Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula monotonous things and have high need for achievement. They also really care with what others say about them. That’s why what people say to them will affect them so much. Unfortunately, they can get stressed easily and tend to “play” with risks. May be that’s why the energetic O children also have tendency to be hyperactive and get anger easily. But, of course not all of them are like that.


Here are some tips for those who have energetic O child:

1. Give him or her opportunity to be a leader. For example, in family meeting to decide what television brand your family will buy, he or she can lead the meeting.

2. Teach them to make plan for their daily activities

3. Don’t give him or her too many extra curricular activities

4. Teach him or her to think positively and manage his or her anger effectively

5. Because your child is very adaptive, you need to avoid them from negative influences such as drugs and free sex.


Children with A blood type tend to be fussy and always exaggerate things, and have complicated mind map. They are also a little bit rigid, fragile, very detailed and care about themselves exessively. What people think not really important is very very important to them. They tend to be perfectionist, easily get panic, worry about many things, and not easy to be relaxed. The positive sides of them are passionate, peaceful, sensitive, and creative.


1. Give your children relaxing activities

2. Tell them that they don’t have to do everything perfectly

3. For their meals schedule, separate it into 4 or 5 meal times with small portions

4. Manage their “television time”

5. Avoid using bad words or high voice when you give them advice

The Ignorant “B’

Children with B blood type tend to be sweet but can be wild too. They are also hard worker, stubborn, joyful, realistic, a little bit ignorant and irresponsible. If you want to teach them discipline, you really need to guide them. They are also flexible but tend to ignore what people say about them and like to suppress their anger. That’s why they need to learn more about rules and norms. For creativity, actually they are creative enough but they really need stimulation from their parents to explore their creativity and talents. By the way, they have poor body balance that make them have difficulty in balancing their body.

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