Dietary Supplement Formulation Found To Help People Lose Weight

When it comes to supplement formulation, production, and labeling, there is no better resource than the company that developed the CBD Oil. For over 35 years, CBD has been recognized as one of the most beneficial and natural plant extracts available. From its origins as an important culinary herb thousands of years ago, to the current use in products including cosmetics, massage oils, and pharmaceuticals, CBD is here to stay. As a result, many companies have worked to develop specialized formulas containing CBD, or “CBD Oil”. However, many of these products lack the wide ranging scientific data and quality control that are required for successful product development. In order to make sure that the highest standards of products derived from CBD are met, Genesis Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated has created the CBD Liquid Formulation Labeling and Supplement Formula.

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Many companies have attempted to utilize CBD as a standalone ingredient, without fully understanding the full scope of its positive health benefits. As a result, many supplements have not lived up to their manufacturers promises. These companies have fallen short not only because of bad research and inadequate product formulations, but also because they utilized CBD as part of a multi-ingredient product, which was inadequate. As a leading CBD oil company we have had the opportunity to work with a number of different clients to design the most effective and beneficial product formulation. Through our extensive lab testing and rigorous standards based quality control procedures, we have found that CBD can be safely and effectively combined with a host of other highly effective ingredients such as:

Our comprehensive CBD supplement formulation has been designed using both the latest technology and the most stringent quality control guidelines available. Through our exclusive contract manufacturing with a world-class pharmaceutical lab located in Europe, we have managed to incorporate our proprietary line of high grade Cannabinoids into an ultrasonic molecular channel technology that yields the highest potency levels available. This ultra-fine molecular channel allows for us to achieve synergistic effects, while maintaining our unique stability and potency throughout the entire manufacturing process. This results in the highest purity levels of our Cannabinoids available.

In addition to our innovative Cannabinoid delivery system, our CBD liquid formulation consultant formulation is also formulated to provide multiple clinical benefits by utilizing our proprietary blend of high grade Japanese Candida strains. Because we utilize an extract form of CBD, we have been able to successfully combine it with our sister ingredient, our sister compound, Brother Hao, which has been shown to increase levels of human growth hormone (HGH), reduce symptoms related to the aging process and reduce the potential for life-threatening side effects associated with the human enzyme, Fungiylococcus. Our sister compounds, Brother Hao and Yohimbe, play important roles in the human body’s regulation of energy metabolism, insulin sensitivity, protein synthesis, the immune system, cell life cycle and inflammation.

Yohimbe, extracted from the root of the yohimbe tree, has long been used by indigenous people to treat a number of symptoms and diseases including fatigue, sexual dysfunction, mild fever and insomnia. Recent clinical studies have revealed that Yohimbe not only increases energy and stamina but also improves the mood and appetite. Yohimbe has recently become popular for use as a dietary supplement because it is one of the rare plant species to have been proven to reverse the damaging process that leads to age-related decline in the human lifespan. Extracts from this plant have been found to inhibit the formation of new blood vessels and improve cardiovascular health. Our laboratory has found that the levels of circulating growth hormone are elevated in both humans and animals that were fed a diet rich in Yohimbe. It is believed that the caloric restriction associated with Yohimbe supplementation helps to maintain and support healthy aging processes. One of the most important criteria for determining whether a dietary supplement formulation is appropriate for you is whether or not it contains the ingredients necessary to bring about positive changes in your appearance and your health. A cosmetics formula is not considered a valid dietary supplement if it contains ingredients that can be found in foods or beverages. Similarly, appetite suppressants cannot be considered effective dietary ingredients if they cannot be found in foods or beverages. If you would like to lose weight, you should consult your physician before trying any dietary supplement. Your physician can recommend the right dietary supplements that can help you lose weight.

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