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A Crash Course About Our Favourite Japanese Cartoon Character

If you have never heard of Hello Kitty, then seriously: where have you been? She is a cartoon character that is loved throughout the globe for her cutesy, pretty and stylish appearance. Kitty is Japanese, and exhibits many of those characteristics for which the Japanese cartoons are known. But if you have never heard of her, then you need a crash course, and this is what we will provide you with here. There are many interesting things about Kitty, and you can use your newly acquired knowledge to impress all the youngsters in your life… or not!

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Surprisingly, Kitty is actually a well-developed character. She has a family, she lives in a specific town, she goes to school, and she has a surname! OK, so let’s look at some of the facts about Kitty:

1. Kitty is her Christian name; her full name is Kitty White.

2. She was conceived in Japan, but born in London. She still lives in London to this day.

3. Her father’s name is George, and her mother’s name is Mary.

4. She is a twin, and her twin is called Mimi. You can’t really tell the difference between Mimi and Kitty; they always wear the same outfit. However, there is a subtle difference, Mimi wears a bow on her right ear, and Kitty wears a bow on her left ear

5. Kitty has a Grandpa-he’s a bit artsy-and a grandma, she loves to embroider and is often found sitting in her rocking chair.

6. Kitty has a birthday, she is a Scorpio and her date of birth is 1st of November 1974.

7. She’s not very tall, measuring in at a mere 5 apples in height. She doesn’t weight much either, only 3 apples heavy.

8. She lives in a little white house with a little red rook, and the population of her suburb is approximately 20,000, but nobody is 100% sure. It takes her half an hour to get into central London by bus. When she gets to London, she loves to shop – perhaps you’ll see her on Regent’s Street if you’re lucky.

9. She’s super-sociable and she loves to talk to people. She has an active social life. She loves playing tennis with her best friend, Joey the mouse. She used to have another best friend, but he moved to Africa. She loves to go shopping, to the park with her friends, and to ride her tricycle.

10. Kitty even has favorite toothpaste! It tastes like strawberry, so that’s hardly surprising! Apparently she never needs nagging to brush her teeth! If you’re buying Hello Kitty merchandise for your child, then you can use this to your advantage; “Kitty never complains about having her teeth brushed”, and hopefully, they’ll copy their much loved character.

There’s much more to Hello Kitty than people realize, but we won’t let the ‘cat’ out of the bag too much, otherwise it’s no fun for you (and by you, we mean your daughter!).

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