Where to Source eBay Products

If you want to increase your eBay business then you will be looking for somewhere to source eBay products from.

Where to Source Products for Amazon, eBay, and Other Marketplaces

Selling things that you no longer want from around your house is all well and good however you will eventually run out of things to sell. If you want to stand any chance of creating long term profits then you will need to find different sources for products.

There are a number of different places where you can source eBay products from. The source of your products will mainly depend on what you are selling and how much money you have to invest China’s silk road economic belt.

Car Boot Sales

Car Boot sales are often overlooked as a place to source eBay products from. You can often get some great bargains at these car boot sales and then sell them at a higher price to when you brought them. You can also negotiate to get the very best deal possible. This is a challenge but certainly worth it. The only problem with this source of products is that you wont be able to purchase lots of the same product. You will often have limited amounts of products available which will make your work more difficult.

You will need to spend time listing each of these individual items rather than just listing one thing numerous times.


If you ever see any good bargains in the shops then you might want to consider selling these on eBay. There are some very good deals if you know where to look. Not everyone is aware of these deals and others might not be able to visit these stores. You might also be interested in pre-ordering new games and consoles and listing them on eBay. Normally new games consoles are sold out as soon as they are launched. If you preorder and sell you should be able to make a profit.

Go to the Supplier

Almost everything is made in China these days and if you have some money to invest then you can import products directly from china. Importing from China is much easier than many people think. Most of these companies speak fluent English which makes communicating and dealing with them very easy. If you want to find Chinese suppliers then you can check out sites like These will list all sorts of really useful products. Chinese products are normally high quality but it is important you are careful that you don’t get conned.

You will usually have to purchase large quantities of stock from China to make importing worthwhile. You will also have to store these products and dispatch them yourself. There are some drop shippers from China but make sure you check them carefully to ensure they are legitimate businesses.


You might be interested in wholesalers as these are the most common sources of products on eBay. These are large companies which will import products themselves. You can then buy from a UK company and not have to worry about international trade. You will however normally have to purchase a decent quantity of products and stock them yourself in order to make a profit. This does expose you to the risk of products going out of fashion before you have chance to sell them all.

Drop shippers

Another place to source eBay products from is drop shippers. These are wholesalers with a difference. They will send the products out directly to your customers rather than you having to stock them yourself. This is a great way to free up your cash flow and space in your home. Products from dropshippers are slightly more expensive however the convenience should be worth this. Using a dropshipper is a great way to start an eBay business.

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