Why Transponder Keys Are Safe for Your Car

Do you want to know about the Transponder keys? These are known as chip keys that have an in-built signal emitting circuit programmed in it. These keys are also called VATS (Vehicle Anti Theft System) keys.

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Today, we are enjoying the progressive age of science and technology. Ever now and then we come to know about new inventions of technological and sophisticated devices. Technology has become omnipresent starting from remote computing, electronic data interchange (EDI), to remote locking. We can now feel that it has not only made our lives comfortable but also provided high tech security to us. Transponder key is the new invention of technology in the field of automobiles schlüsseldienst in der nähe.

Transponder keys are designed by engineers using cutting edge technology. Inside the head of this ignition key a computer chip is placed, which is programmed with an embedded code. The key is capable of discharging signals through radio frequencies to the device that is installed behind the steering wheel inside the car. The device after identifying and verifying the code performs the asked function. But in case the sent code by the key is not recognized, it will not function to any of the commands that you ask for.

Now-a-days, with the introduction of transponder key, we find that the manual locking system has totally become outdated. Manual keys have serious security concerns and make the vehicle vulnerable to theft. Any intruder can easily break the lock and start the ignition with simple tricks and steal the car. But the transponder key provides a unique solution to all those problems, no one can use duplicate keys to open the lock or start the car’s ignition system at any cost. Only the owner of the car or the driver who is holding the right key can access the vehicle. These transponder key are used for locking & unlocking the door of the car, activating & deactivating the alarm, starting the engine, closing & opening the cap of the fuel pump and many other functions. These are an added advantage that you will not find in manual keys.

If you purchase a new model of car, you will find that transponder keys are already provided with it. Today, these keys are considered as a safety gadget for cars that provide complete protection from thieves and robbers. An important thing is that the transponder key will not work in the absence of a radio signal. It will also stop working in case the micro chip inside the device gets damaged. This means that if a thief by any means breaks the lock of the car, he/she will not be able to start the engine with any other key. As a result the system will stop working and the access to the car will be denied. Moreover, an alarm will also start hooting if any intruder even touches the car. Thus, by using transponder keys we ensure the security and safety of our car by reducing the rate of car theft.

In case you loose your car keys, the immediate thing you need to do is to call a nearby locksmith who is experienced in this domain. The person will come with numerous blanks and then laser cut it to match with the ignition code of your car. They will then program it to meet the configuration of the device for your convenience. But it is always better to have a spare key to overcome this kind of inconvenience.

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