Easy Way To Do Job Posting

When looking for an employee, job posting on the Internet has become very popular. With the many thousands of people who hit the net everyday it is a sure way to have a wide variety of employment choices as well as possible employees. Using this high tech media, you can print a fully descriptive ad, not having to abbreviate as happens with an ad placed in the newspaper.

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There are many different web sites that provide some type of employment announcement service. Many of which will let you post an ad free or for a very small fee. Some have length restrictions but there is still plenty of room to fully describe what you wish to say job posting.

In placing an ad for an employee there is a certain protocol to follow that will clearly state what the position is, the requirements to be considered for employment, the salary offered and how you can be reached. Following this outline, you will very quickly be receiving a large number of applicants who have all the qualifications you desire.

The first thing a person seeking a career looks for is the title of the position. Someone looking for a position does not want look at one that does not fit his or her qualifications. If you really want a lot of responses then the title has to be eye catching. Something like ‘Super Manager for a Super Position’ placed under the help wanted ads is an attention getter. Tell something about the situation giving a brief description of your organization, where you are located, if training is required, after being hired, and it should be noted if there is a dress code. In addition, it would help if you indicated if it would involve teamwork or be an individual responsibility position.

The description of the position needs to be given a great deal of attention. Sometimes a very good prospective employee will not apply because they either do not think they qualify or they feel the position will not fit their area of expertise. Listing the required education, certifications or licenses needed, if it is a training position or requires a certain number of years of experience are essential.

This part of the posting also should give the beginning salary, indicate if there are expected increases and list other benefits. $$xxx to start with increase after 3 months, vacation, health care, retirement plan are all things that are important to someone who is looking for employment. If the position is probationary for 6 months, before permanent hire, that should also be clearly indicated. Last, but not least, you need to give explicit directions as to how to apply. If you have a web site it is always a good idea to have an application form available that the prospective employee can fill out and e-mail to you. The e-mail address should also allow questions.

A job posting can, of course, also be done in newspapers but this is expensive and does not bring as big a response as the Internet announcement. The exception to this is if you use newspaper ads online however, these can also be expensive while you do not have to pay to place ads at other locations. With today’s high tech, it is the Internet that gets the most hits and also will allow you to obtain the best qualified employee.

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