How Does Your Company Place Employees First?

I’m sure you have heard the maxim, “The Managers That Don’t Work For The Company Are Fucked!” I’ve heard it many times, and I don’t think any of us ever take it too seriously. However, I also believe it goes without saying that the manager who works best for the company is the one who puts employees first.

Now, I do not mean to single out any one employee and say they are a crappy leader. On the contrary, I believe there are some very good managers in any company that know how to put their employees first, and I am certainly not knocking anyone of them. Instead, I believe it is important to look at how we can improve on our management styles and trainings puts employees first.

Personally, as someone who has worked in the hospitality industry, I know this all too well. Believe me, there were times when I would hear things like “I wish we had more employees…we get so much stuff done” and “We need to fire these people so they won’t screw up again.” While this is sometimes frustrating, it is a problem that we can all fight. We cannot allow our company to degenerate into a bunch of weak, pathetic losers, no matter what the reasons are for leaving us.

There are two ways to approach the question of “How does your company put employees first?” One approach is to tell your employees “The bottom line is this, you have to work harder, you have to produce more, and you have to treat your customers with respect.” This is sound advice, and I am sure it will help your business. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t going to cut it in a modern, progressive company, where every last employee is responsible for their actions.

The other approach to answering the question of “How does your company place employees first?” is to re-education your employees. I know this sounds like an odd choice to some people, but if you are serious about creating an environment where your employees are fully aware of their actions, then re-education is the only way to go. When you re-educate your employees on company policy, procedures, values and beliefs, not only do you show them how their actions affect the larger picture, but you also reinforce those behaviors with consequences in the workplace.

In short, “How does your company place employees first?” is a good question to ask, and if you can answer it truthfully and honestly, your company will be better off for it. You will not only end up with a stronger, more professional workforce, but you will also have a stronger company culture. Good luck!

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