Better Coaching – 4 Intermediate Ways to Improve Your Coaching Programs

If you are constantly getting negative feedback about your coaching programs, it’s high time that you make some improvements. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Take each feedback seriously. Talk to your clients after your coaching programs and encourage them to tell you the things that they didn’t like or the things that your programs lacked. You will need to do this to easily figure out the weaknesses of your offerings. By doing so, you can make well-informed decisions as to how you can make your coaching programs better than ever.

2. Offer more. The best way to improve your coaching programs is to offer your clients with something more or something that is more than what they have paid for. This can surely separate you apart from the rest. Offer them your expert advice and some insider tips. If needed, offer them more coaching time or give them access to your member-only sites so they can easily get the kind of information they need ca intermediate coaching.

3. Active listening. People in general love talking about themselves and their problems. Give them all the time they need when they want to talk. What you can do is to give them undivided attention not only to fully understand where they are coming from but also to make them feel valued.

4. Do your research. Even if you are considered an expert on your chosen niche, it will still help if you can do your research especially when your clients present situations you haven’t experienced before. Check out relevant websites and consider interviewing other industry leaders so you can offer your clients with the best recommendations/solutions.

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