A Digital Poster is the Ideal Digital Advertising Solution For the SME Business

All business owners have been their, pondering on what to invest in for marketing their product or service that will bring buyers and help increase sales. Now digital signage is the answer.

No longer are the days of the static printed poster, gone are the days consumers respond to print ads (today’s news is tomorrows chip paper), buyers and your potential clients are looking for information and need it now, so if you can capture a tiny portion of this demographic you will for sure capitalize on your investment and get a quick return on it too. How do you do it?

Digital advertising is the solution, it entices your buyers to interact and then the consumer gets the benefits, for example if you own a television store you would put some of the information on your new TV inventory and display it on a digital poster so that anyone who is looking for a new up to the minute home cinemas system can view what has come in and what is due to come in digital cinema, the customers can then view the specification of the home cinema system without having to ask anyone – then when they have all the information they need and want to buy it they can then speak to a member of staff.

Alternatively, a digital poster can be used to promote “special meals” in bars and restaurants, once you have decide which is the best food promotion that will give you the maximum profit, then you can preset the times for this ad to appear targeting people at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Digital signage doesn’t have to be costly, an LCD advertising display is an all-in-one solution with an LCD screen and an inbuilt media player, all you have to do is create the content and “drag n drop” on to the memory card and insert the card into the media player. Ranging in size from 20″ up to huge 82″ these are at the cutting edge of technology and in 3 years will be sited in every small to medium business throughout America.

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