A Close Look At Some Of The Most Popular Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss is the tune of all and sundry in the modern day health and fitness scene. While exercises such as Yoga and Pilates dominate most of weight loss programs, dietary supplements are the cornerstones of natural, exercise-free fat loss procedures.

How Weight Loss Supplements Work

In general, most supplements block fat absorption, decrease appetite and increase the BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate). Some supplements may work with some people but not others and a physician’s advice is always recommended whenever one is taking any form supplements. A person can take one supplement or a combination of supplements. Here is a list of common weight loss supplements and a sneak peak of their specific functions in the body.

-Beta Glucan: It curbs diabetes and lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

-CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid): It reduces body fat and the risk of suffering from cancer

-Glucomannan: It suppresses appetite for food by making one feel satiated.

-Chitosan: It blocks fat absorption in the body

-Whey protein: It enhances building  Biofit of muscles (which facilitates weight loss) and reduction of appetite.

-Mango seed fiber: It is argued that mango seed fiber can reduce the risk of diabetes and cholesterol level in the body on top of fat loss.

-Fucoxanthin: This antioxidant from a seaweed that is effective in burning the abdominal fat.

White bean extract: It inhibits conversion of carbohydrates to sugar or glucose

-Chia: It contains omega-3, antioxidants and fiber that help in weight loss.

-Resveratrol: It prevents growth and development of fat cells.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin also boosts body metabolism, reduces food appetite and body fat.

-Hoodia: Though many people do not trust this supplement, there are claims that it is an effective appetite suppressant.

-Apple cider vinegar: It promotes satiety and reduced appetite for food.

-Bitter orange: Bitter orange is enhances fat burning process but it needs to be used with care since it can lead to hypertension.

-Coconut oil: They contain triglycerides that increase body metabolism

-Garcinia Cambogia: The effectiveness of this supplement stems from one of its ingredients, Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is very effective in reducing appetite and lowering cholesterol levels as well as increasing fat metabolism.

-Green coffee extract: The green coffee or tea extract contains Chlorogenic acid which reduces blood pressure allows one to lose weight easily

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