The Importance of Body Language in Communication

I have heard it said many times in my life: your net worth will never increase until you network increases. I just kept asking myself the question. How do I increase my network? One might assume that could happen quit easily, and it may for some. For me it has been a journey. I tried network marketing with only minimal success. I tried real estate investing, and again only had minimal success. Both ventures proved to be learning experiences. They lead me on a journey of personal development to find what it was that I would find fulfilling in my life. It also leads me to learn why I had struggled over the years to become all that I wanted to be. I learned I had to “be” before I could “have”. Now you might ask yourself how do I “be” and what does that mean? Let me list reasons or ways to “be” that I have realized

  1. Be Yourself. Probably one of the most intriguing aspects of the “Be” statement.
  2. Be Who you profess to be. Do not let your body language get in the way of whom you really are and what it is that you are trying to communicate to others. Do you realize that when we communicate 93% of our language comes in the form of Body Language?
  3. Be aligned with your soul purpose. What do I mean by soul purpose? Soul Purpose is the propensity you have to do something that you are passionate about and have God given gifts and talents to accomplish.
  4. Be willing to receive all that the Universe is willing and capable to deliver to you.
  5. Be willing to give and share all that you have to be able to receive even more.
  6. Be congruent with what your mouth says and what your body language is speaking. When asked a question  Language of desire our minds will use about 450 words to give an answer. Our mouth will deliver about 150 words; the other 300 words are communicated through body language.
  7. Be willing to take control of your thoughts. Do not let other voices, people or circumstances derail you from who you really are.
  8. Be willing to look to others for help in being wise stewards with the gifts and talents that have been given to you.
  9. Be willing to give up all judgment and condemnation.
  10. Be willing to love yourself enough to follow a higher power and learn what that higher power has in place for you.

If you have ever struggled to get from life what you are looking for, search for and find a good mentor or teacher that you can trust to help you be accountable to yourself to “BE” all you can be, so that you can “HAVE” all you want to have. You must BE first and HAVE second. Be fearless in the face of adversity and you will gain everything in life that you desire. Be honest with yourself and look for someone to help you define what you want in your personal and business relationships. Learn to live life large and accomplish and receive all your desire from others in your life.

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