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Your WordPress SEO Checklist – Dominate Google Now

If you are getting frustrated watching your WordPress site stagnate in the Google rankings, then you will want to make sure you follow these tips. You need to make sure you research properly and have the proper plugins installed. You also have to make sure your page is setup properly and you are creating content. Lastly you need to build backlinks to your content. Once you have read about these steps below, you will be able to skyrocket your site to the top of Google.

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1. Research – You have to research your keywords. A lot of people, and I mean a lot, are going to tell you to look for low competition long tail keywords. I disagree. I say you go for the big guys first. Do your research of course though. If you want to rank for a spanish course then “Learn Spanish” is a great place to start. Using programs like Google’s free keyword tool you can find out an estimate of how many people search for a term. The higher the better. Do a Google search yourself and see if people are buying Paid Google ads – if so that means there is money to be made. Don’t be scared of very competitive terms either – that is where the money is Oliver Wood Perth.

2. Plugins – Make sure you install all applicable SEO related plugins. At the very least you should be installing All-IN-One Seo and XML Google Sitemaps. The first plugin will help with on page optimization, while the latter one will build a XML sitemap and submit it to Google. Do some research and see if any other SEO related plugins could fit on your site.

3. On Page Optimization – Although not as important as it once was you should still make sure your website is optimized. You want all your title tags to be keyword rich. That is the first thing Google sees. You also want to make sure you have no broken links on your site. The keyword appearing in your body as well as in H1 tags will also help. I would also make sure my permalinks were keyword rich. To do this set your custom permalink structure to something like /%postname%/. That way whatever you title your posts will become part of your URL.

4. Constant Content – Start adding content and don’t stop ever. Google loves fresh content and so do your visitors. Try to post everyday, if not really aim for five times a week. If you need to get guest bloggers to help you do that, but make sure you have a steady flow of content.

5. Build Links – Build links, everyone knows Google loves backlinks. Get theme wherever you can. Online directories, blog comments, forum signatures, forum profiles, social bookmarking and social media all have opportunities to place backlinks. You can research proper backlinking and find tons of great ideas.

These five steps are very simple, but they are the key to getting your WordPress blog to the top of Google. If you research, plugin, optimize, create and build, you will blast to the top of Google.

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