Get Rid of Belly Fat by Fighting the Culprits Responsible for It

It is not impossible to get rid of belly fat even though it is not going to be easy. The most important thing is to get and stay motivated as losing tummy fat will not only improve your looks but also lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. To achieve your goal, you should target the main causes of the problem individually.

High Calorie Intake

The main cause of the problem is the intake of more calories than your body needs. The extra ones are naturally turned into fat which is stored under the skin. To get rid of belly fat, you should reduce your calorie intake.

Adopt a healthy diet which includes low-calorie foods rich in complex carbohydrates, healthy protein, vitamins and minerals. It is best to include whole grains, low fat dairy products, fatty fish, lean poultry and lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Avoid sugary foods and fat-rich foods. Processed and canned foods should be avoided too.


It may sound surprising but one of the major causes of the problem is stress and more precisely the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the body to store more fat. You will certainly benefit from stress-fighting activities like meditation, yoga and a relaxing hobby, but it is also a good idea to prevent cortisol spikes with food and supplements.

You should eat foods with low glycemic index (GI index) to get rid of belly fat by lowering cortisol levels. You can Biotox gold readily find a complete chart online. Vitamin C has a similar function and should be used as well. In addition to lowering cortisol levels, it stimulates the production of carnitine, a hormone responsible for turning body fat into fuel. It is best to get Vitamin C from natural sources like peppers, parsley, kiwis and citrus fruits but you can also consider taking a supplement as long as you do not exceed the optimal daily amount for you.

Low Calcium Levels

The low levels of calcium in the body stimulate the production of a hormone which triggers fat storing. You have to ensure that the calcium levels in your body are optimal if you want to get rid of belly fat.

The best solution is to consume low-fat dairy products on a daily basis. Researchers have found that the mineral coming from natural dairy sources is more effectively absorbed by the body compared to calcium in supplement form. You can readily get enough calcium by snacking with low-fat yogurt. In addition to helping you lose fat, it will improve digestion to give you even flatter stomach.


This is another major cause of fat deposits in the abdominal area. As you burn fewer calories, your body stores them in the form of fat. The best solution is to exercise.

Cardio exercise is most effective for losing belly fat. For best results, you should engage in high intensity cardio training three times a week. Interval training is the most effective option if you want a flat tummy super fast. It involves doing brisk exercises like jumping with extremely short breaks. After several weeks of cardio training, you can include strength training for toning your abs in your routine as well.

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