Your Ability To Discriminate

Your ability to discriminate (and how it helps you get your goals)

If you had a piano that only had 3 keys you would have a very limited ability to play a wide variety of music. Your brain works the same way; if you can only create 3 feelings, or can only use 3 types of motivation, or only know how to manipulate 3 visual submodalities, you are never going to be able to create the internal riot that is so important to living a satisfied and thrilling life, one in which your gym routines and your exercise is a vital and important part, after all, we are only animals, underneath the covering of civilisation, and animals need to be exercised. When dogs are not walked by their owners, they get fat and lazy, when humans don’t exercise themselves, the same thing happens.

So now imagine you have a piano with a hundred keys, all of a sudden the amount and variety of music you can play grows exponentially. Your brain and body work in the same way. Part of what you are doing with this programme is adding more keys. By playing around with the submodalities and changing them to create new ways of feeling about the same criteria, you are adding more keys to your piano.

You can take it further though, much further. Now, if we add three pedals that change the effect of each of the piano keys, we grow exponentially again. By building in more modalities to your leading or dominant representation system you add pedals to Sonus Complete your nervous system.

Finally, what would happen if you were to add an amplifier and loudspeaker setup to your piano? It would get louder and capable of reaching greater distances.

How does this relate to the gym, weight loss, fitness, exercise and training?

Let’s take a few questions that may highlight the importance of being able to discriminate and make a good decision (which is based upon that discrimination):

  • How do you know when to eat?
  • How do you know when to stop?
  • How do you know what to eat?
  • How do you know it’s time for a new training program?
  • How do you know when you need to lose more weight?
  • How do you know when your body’s had enough?

You probably see now, that the more finely, the more accurately, the more securely you can answer each of those questions, the easier you will find it to get what you want from each of those areas.

So, if we continue this line of thought, it makes good sense to determine to improve your ability to discriminate. I have found this to be especially important with helping people with weight loss and fat loss, as I find that the majority of overweight individuals have ‘trained’ themselves out of being able to notice what’s going on with their body. To a certain extent you have to if you are going to over eat, and ignore the signals that your body sends you that lets you know you’ve had enough, or the wrong thing, or don’t actually need what you’re going to eat.

What I’ve also found is that once they tune into this discrimination ability, and train it, they find it easier and easier to lose weight, because they are working with their body, not against it.

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