Eve Ore – 5 Tips to Find Your Perfect Mining Spot in Eve Online

Ever wanted to start mining in Eve Online? This article will cover 5 things to consider before picking your mining spot. You will learn to choose the perfect location for all your mining needs

– The first important factor is your defense. How are your defensive skills? Do you have good shield/armor resists and a nice buffer with a high regeneration rate? How is the staying power of your chosen mining ship? When you activate your mining lasers in Eve ore will start flowing into your cargohold. This continues until either the Asteroid is gone, or your hold is full. This means mining is a profession in Eve Online that generally does not force you to click and pay attention constantly. And that means defensive capability is crucial. You do not want to get popped as soon as you look away from the screen for a little while.

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Defensive capabilities should play a large role in deciding on the desired security of the system to collect your Eve ore in. The less secure your system is, the more often rats will pop up in your system to disturb your mining and the stronger they will be. Once the security of your system falls below 0.5, you do not only have rats who disturb your efforts, but you have to worry about other players (pirates) attacking you as well.

– Secondly there is the level of your drone skills. In mining, most (if not all) of your high slots will be taken by mining lasers. This means you will not have many guns, lasers or missile launchers fitted to take care of the rats that will attack you from time to time. High drone skills in combination with decent drones (like hobgoblin IIs) will help you kill rats in all of high security easily. When you just start out, it is much better to be safe than sorry though. As deaths are unforgiving in Eve, ore in 1.0 or perhaps 0.9 systems is a good option until you get stronger.

– The third decision you have got to make is whether you will be selling the ore, or refining it. If you refine the ore to minerals, you need good refine skills and good standing with the corporation in your refining station. You will also need to check the quality of the refining equipment in that station. Good standing and good refining equipment means less waste and thus more minerals left. Although refining takes more preparation, it does have advantages to sell minerals instead of ore in Eve. Ore units have a much higher volume. Therefore it is much more viable to ship a large load of minerals to another region/system/station, than it is to ship ore around. You will simply not be able to ship as much Eve ore in one go.

– Then there is the friend factor. Where do you and your buddies hang out? It makes little sense to pick a mining spot at the other side of the universe, only to fly all the way back as soon as you want to do something with your friends again. Also, if you even want to consider mining ore in lowsec or even nullsec, you better have a group of friends or a corporation ready to defend you when pirates show up. If you fly solo.. do not even bother in dangerous areas. Just stick to safe, higher security areas (>=0.5).

– Last but not least: it is possible you have picked a system and find out that the asteroids in the belts are very small, or even gone. This probably means the place is full of other miners looking for the same thing as you are. If this is the case, do not join the group of complainers who say: “There is no ore to be found anywhere in Eve Online”. Ore asteroid belts regenerate over time, so simply move to less crowded place for bigger supplies. Moving further away from the major Trade Hubs usually does the trick.

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